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Nimbleback Neck Stretcher Pillow™

Nimbleback Neck Stretcher Pillow™

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Shipping March 2024 Feel relief like never before with Nimbleback’s Neck Stretcher Pillow™

Crafted with top-notch support, this pillow eases neck and shoulder pain effortlessly. Just 2-8 minutes a day on this wonder pillow brings a soothing stretch that relaxes your neck.

What’s special? Its unique shape spreads pressure evenly, keeping your posture perfect as you stretch.

It’s not just a pillow—it’s a game-changer for neck discomfort. Experience the joy of a relaxed neck with Nimbleback’s Neck Stretcher Pillow!

Why you are going to love your new neck stretcher?

Pain-Free Freedom: Embrace days without tension! The Neck Shoulder Stretcher Pillow liberates you from neck and shoulder discomfort, granting you the freedom to move through life effortlessly.

Tranquil Unwinding: Say farewell to stress and welcome tranquillity. Let this gentle stretcher ease tension, creating serene moments of relaxation during your downtime, and providing a haven of peace.

Confident Posture Support: Experience comfort and confidence. Supporting your posture, this pillow helps align your spine, erasing stiffness, and ensuring comfort throughout your day's adventures.

Revitalized Sleep: Drift into a serene slumber. By relieving neck and shoulder tension, leaving you refreshed and energized for the day ahead.


Imagine This.....

Meet Alex, an office worker dedicated to their job but often plagued by nagging neck pain from long hours at the desk.

Desperate for relief, Alex dreams of days without the persistent ache, where work doesn’t mean discomfort. One day, a colleague mentioned the Neck Stretcher Pillow. Hope sparks in Alex's mind, imagining a workday without the constant tension.

The Neck Stretcher Pillow becomes more than just an idea—it’s a glimmer of hope for Alex's path to a tension-free work life.

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30 day returns.

Care Instructions

Easily wash Back Care Bundle with soap and a cloth.

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Why we are the best?

We are women with back pain who know the limitations tension brings to everyday life. You deserve to be able to Release, Strengthen, and Align, Effortlessly in the comfort of your own home. That's why in 2015 we created The Beam- Your Back's Best Friend®. 

While The Beam is currently sold out, we've handpicked fantastic new back care product just for you.

  • Trust Nimbleback- we've got your back!