Instructions for Using the Nimbleback Back Stretcher

Setting Up the Back Stretcher:

Layer Selection: The Nimbleback Back Stretcher comes with three layers for different levels of stretching:

Layer 1: Suitable for Beginners

Layer 2: Offers Greater Stretching for Intermediate Users

Layer 3: Provides Greater Stretching for Advanced Users


Adjusting the Arch Point:

Locate the pre-bent arch support shown in the figure.

Place it in a stable and fixed position for easy installation.

Position your knees on the bottom and press the shelf with both hands to align the slot.

Press your fingers on the lumbar faceplate to adjust and gently slip it onto the appropriate gear.

How to Use:

Positioning: Situate yourself at the arch of the corresponding accupoints on the Back Stretcher.
Stretching: Slowly lean back into a simple stretch-back position, allowing your back to gently arch over the stretcher.
Relaxation: Gently stretch your back while breathing deeply and relaxing your muscles. Aim to hold the stretch for 5-10 minutes for optimal relaxation and tension release.


Using the Nimbleback Back Stretcher is easy and effective for relieving tension and promoting relaxation in your back muscles. Adjust the layers and arch point to your comfort level and enjoy the benefits of regular use.