Instructions for Using the Nimbleback Neck Stretcher: Spend 2-8 Minutes for Neck Tension Release

  Prepare Your Space:Find a comfortable, flat surface to sit on, preferably a mat or the floor. Place the neck stretcher behind your back on the chosen surface with the fin facing the top of the mat.



 Position Yourself: Slowly lie back on the floor while holding your head with either your left or right hand. Carefully place your head onto the neck stretcher, adjusting for comfort by placing your spine into the grove guide, adjust as needed for your comfort. 

 Relax & Breathe Take slow, gentle breaths as you allow your head to relax completely.  Let go of any tension in your neck muscles and keep breathing.

  Stretching Time: Maintain the position on the neck stretcher for 2 to 8 minutes. Feel free to make subtle movements or adjustments to enhance your comfort during this time.
Nimbleback Neck Stretcher Pro
 Exiting the Stretcher: When you're ready to discontinue the stretch, slowly lift your head using both your right and or left hands. Use your free hand to remove the neck stretcher from beneath you. Lower your head back down gently.
 Transitioning to Upright: Roll onto your left or right side when you feel ready to get up. Take a few moments to relax in this position, breathing slowly and deeply. Gradually rise and continue on with your day, feeling the difference in your neck tension.


Tips for Enhanced Experience:

 Focus on releasing all tension in your neck and shoulders.

 Maintain a gentle breathing rhythm throughout the stretching session.

 Feel free to adjust your position or movements to your comfort.

 Be mindful of your body's signals and avoid overexertion staying in the stretch for a maximum of 2- 8 minutes.

 Incorporate relaxation techniques such as visualization or mindfulness to deepen the stretch.

Enjoy your stretching session with the Nimbleback Neck Stretcher, and embrace the newfound relaxation in your neck muscles!

If you have any questions, please reach out to

Nimbleback Inc.