The Beam.

Better posture starts here. Chiropractor & Massage Therapist Approved!

As seen on tv
Woman lays on The Beam by Nimbleback Inc. to release back tension and improve posture and alignment.

Why Nimbleback?

Our mission is to help you relieve your back tension and improve your posture with simple stretching and your breath.

EASY & EFFECTIVE for all ages.

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Learn The Beam stretches on YouTube

Yoga Therapist, Carol Phillips will guide you through everything you can do with your beam!

You will work on releasing tension in your back, neck, shoulders, jaw and hips!

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The Beam - 2 Foam Densities, 2 Sizes

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As Seen on TV

Bendable & closed cell foam for desirable comfort supporting your head to your tail bone with unique edges to get into those hard-to-reach tight spots.




You can now break out The Beam to help you reach your wellness goals, lay on it while you watch TV, stretch with our YouTube videos, try our yoga + meditation.