The Story of Nimbleback

At Nimbleback, we're dedicated to delivering innovative, high-quality back care products that prioritize your comfort and convenience. Since our inception, our mission has been to empower individuals to live life free from the constraints of back pain.

In 2015, we proudly introduced The Beam - Your Back's Best Friend® to the market. This groundbreaking product made a significant impact, providing effective relief to countless individuals struggling with back discomfort. However, as with any journey of innovation, we faced challenges along the way.

As women entrepreneurs in the back care industry, bringing a new product to market was no easy task. Despite the hurdles we encountered, we remain proud of the positive impact The Beam had on so many lives.

While we have since discontinued The Beam, our commitment to advancing back care solutions remains unwavering.

Join us as we continue to pave the way for a brighter, pain-free future, one innovative solution at a time. 

Keep beaming,

Christa, Founder