Self-Care with The Beam Break

Workplace wellness is something every organization needs. Employees of all skill levels are ready to release, relax and restore throughout their day with The Beam.

People are the machines of your business and the key to your success. As with actual machines, our bodies work best when we participate in regular preventative maintenance to keep things working properly. Yet, research shows that 80% of people suffer from back pain.

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Sitting is the new smoking. While smoke breaks have decreased in many workplaces, many employees have stopped taking breaks altogether keeping them sitting at their desks virtually all day.

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Start taking Self-Care Breaks with Nimbleback

Chiropractor, Massage Therapist & Physiotherapist Recommended 

The Beam supports your spine while you stretch. Use with deep breathing and your body movement or while meditating

Benefits of The 10-Minute Beam Break 

  • Helps calm the body and mindnimbleback the beam yoga
  • Releases tight back, neck & shoulder tension
  • Builds strength with core exercises
  • Improves Posture and alignment 


 Easy to use anytime, anywhere 

Instruction sheet included+ online video's, yoga class + meditation

 Maintain a healthy workforce with The Beam Break

Sitting habits are ingrained in the workplace and when combined with slouching habits from texting, commuting, and couch time, the combination can cause tension.

This can affect how your people feel at work and could, ultimately, negatively impact productivity.

The Beam Break program developed by Nimbleback encourages participants to take a stretch break throughout their day.  

45 minute session + 1 Beam per employee

How The Beam can help with tension caused by stress + injury + bad habits.  Employees choose gentle or firm beam density. 


Start releasing tension with Self-Care today! 

Contact or call 403-542-2281 for further information or to set up a meeting to discuss The Beam Break for your employees. 


Christa Geddes Nimbleback The  Beam

Christa Geddes, Cheif Relationship Officer & Co-Founder of Nimbleback attended the Woman's Self-Care Conference at SMART Technologies   Each participant left the conference with The Beam and will be adding it to their self-care toolbox.  

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