The Beam

"I have been a Doctor of Chiropractic for 26 years and think The Beam is one of the most ingenious back supports I have seen to date.  It is affordable, portable and easy to use.  I recommend it to help with neck problems, upper back discomfort and postural problems.  Our society has become sedentary and the forward posture most kids and adults spend the majority of their day in  causes chronic upper back and neck strain.  The Beam gently helps pull everything back to an upright posture.  It is awesome because patients can use it easily at home.  It feels good and 10 minutes a day has great benefits. My patients, young and old love The Beam!"

Dr. Amber Gardiner, D.C., B.Sc.
Gardiner Family Chiropractic Centre

Fitneff | Retailer of The Beam

Fitneff loves working with Nimbleback as they offer a new product called The Beam. The Beam was a great addition to our product mix and offers a unique solution that many of our customers have been looking for.  Nimbleback provided us with the right tools to sell The Beam on our e-commerce stores and including product photography, videos and a sell sheet.  The Nimbleback team is easy to work with and very responsive to the drop ship orders that Fitneff provides.   Feedback has been positive from our customers and at trade shows resulted in repeat orders.

Ron Bettin, CEO




Pam Kats | The Beam

"As a massage therapist I see a lot of people with back and neck tension and it often stems from their posture at a desk and computer.  The Beam helps me work smarter!  We have The Beam in every massage room and use it during the treatment.  The relaxed, resting position of The Beam softens the tension in the chest, neck and shoulders so that my treatment of massage therapy creates greater results!  Our clients like the open, relaxed posture they can maintain at home.  

The Beam is for  Massage Therapists too!  Since resting on it during my breaks I have noticed fewer headaches and less fatigue overall.  I even have my 11 year old daughter using it, because as a swimmer she has tight shoulders and lats! The Beam really works and I love it at the clinic, at home and when I travel!"

Pam Kats, Mom, RMT and Owner at South West Massage And Wellness Centre

"Going from a career which involved sitting at a desk and analyzing data for 10 years to sitting around breast feeding a newborn around the clock, my neck/shoulders and back basically gave up. I was in constant pain that a massage would fix for a week or two, and Chiro would only help for a week tops. I purchased the beam with high hopes that it would relieve the tension in my shoulders and neck – two words – MIND BLOWN. Laying on the beam at night for ten minutes has completely resolved all of the pain I have been experiencing, and I haven’t experienced a headache since! I would not hesitate to recommend the beam to any office professional, and anyone experiencing neck/shoulder/back pain. The beam has singlehandedly cleared up my pain and saved me hundreds of dollars in massage and chiro."

Kirsten Hook
Network Security Specialist/Stay at Home Mom

"As a busy mom and fitness trainer, I often neglect to stretch and get the regular massage treatments my body requires. When I start to feel tight, I now break out The Beam and allow my body to gently ease into the floor and release unwanted tension. It has been a great tool and I highly recommend it to others who are in need of an at home treatment."

Veronica Charrois

Niagara Adventure Boot Camp, BA, PTS, OCT


"After suffering injuries from two motor vehicle accidents, I’ve dealt with back and neck pain for most of my adult life.  Being active in Yoga and Pilates and regular treatments from various practitioners has helped manage the pain.  I began using the beam in June 2015 and it’s made a dramatic impact in my everyday life and compliments my treatments as an added bonus.  I use the beam daily, I find the mornings the most valuable after being static for several hours. 

As a bonus you can take the beam anywhere you go, it fits great in a carryon!

I’m so proud of Becky and Christa for putting so much work into helping others every day.  Do your back a favor, order your beam today."

Devon McLauchlan