How Tension, Stress & Injury Created Our Product

How Tension, Stress & Injury Created Our Product

Are you ready to release, relax & restore because who hasn’t experienced tension? Over 80% of people do and this is our story. 

Christa Geddes Becky Goulet Nimbleback The Beam foam beam

**You will learn how The Beam has helped us and how it is going to help you.** 


Most of our self-care rituals are aimed to help our back, neck and shoulder tension which started the day that Christa (me) was hit by a drunk driver, that same year I started working in a cubicle sitting all day on a computer.  

"I couldn’t believe the pain, being only 21 and not realizing at the time that this tension would be with me for the rest of my life.  I had to manage the pain as I wasn’t going to be popping pills every day. My back pain was a constant battle and I was continuously seeking relief.   Spending a lot of TIME & MONEY on the chiropractor, physiotherapist, massage therapist.  Being so reliant on a quick fix to take away my pain which always came back within a few days after treatment"  

Health Care providers would send me home with an exercise sheet which usually ended up in the garbage.  It wasn't until my family doctor referred me to a specialist who prescribed Pilates and Yoga - I was relieved when this was recommended.  I also tried CBD products to help my muscles.   Learn more about CBD. 

She told me if I strengthen & stretched my back muscles, the pain would decrease. She was right.  I joined yoga immediately and that was in 2004.  Stretching several times a day to decrease the stabbing pain in my upper back was my new life.  I have continued practising yoga on & off throughout the past 19 years.

I then found a Yoga for Backs class in my community that used a piece of foam that supported the spine while stretching and that is when I truly felt better.  My posture & core were in a good place, this was 8 years ago. 


I couldn't wait to tell my BFF with back pain (Becky) about how this piece of foam made my back feel.  We had been talking about back pain since our early 20's. 

Becky wanted one but there was nowhere on the market that sold such a self-care tool. We saw an opportunity and started our business and here we are today.  We do not have anatomy training but what we do have is decreased back pain and that was always a dream of ours which lead us on the Nimbleback journey.    

the beam nimbleback becky goulet christa geddes

Next dream:

Marilyn Denis Show & The Shopping Channel 

Becky then took our business to the next level when she pitched to Debbie Travis, Kelley Keehn & Amber MacArthur on Marilyn.  She then got us air time on TSC, Today's Shopping Choice.  I was happy to have Becky Goulet as a BFF /Business Partner and we were beaming when Fiona Thomson joined The Beam Team.

Our 5th air date is on July 27th and we hope you can tune in.  Please share our story with others who you think would benefit from releasing tension with The Beam.   Follow us on facebook to learn how to Release, Relax & Restore anytime, anywhere! 





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