From a small town in Grimsby Ontario, came two best friends with a common dream… to live without back pain.  

Becky Goulet and Christa Geddes met on the first day of elementary school and have been friends ever since.  32 years and counting.  Both have suffered from years of back pain. Christa at the hands of a drunk driver, and Becky after being rear ended 3 times.  After years of living with pain, and trying every remedy possible, Becky and Christa have finally found something they can do at home to proactively strengthen their backs and relieve pain and tension.  

Inspired by yoga with input from medical professionals, The Beam™- your back's best friend,  was created.  

Owning and operating a business was not always in the plan for Becky and Christa. Becky is a full time mom of two and secondary school teacher and Christa is a marketing executive for an insurance brokerage.  However, both women felt like The Beam™ would benefit so many people that they decided to form their company Nimbleback.  

With two locations in Canada, Becky and Christa are able to service customers from coast to coast.  Becky is centrally located in Grimsby, Ontario and Christa is located in Calgary, Alberta.