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The Beam Gentle & Firm Combo Pack: Release, Strengthen, and Align, Effortlessly

The Beam Gentle & Firm Combo Pack: Release, Strengthen, and Align, Effortlessly

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"I have been a Doctor of Chiropractic for 26 years and think The Beam is one of the most ingenious back supports I have seen to date.  It is affordable, portable and easy to use.  I recommend it to help with neck problems, upper back discomfort and postural alignment.  Our society has become sedentary and the forward posture most kids and adults spend the majority of their day in causes upper back and neck strain.  The Beam gently helps pull everything back to an upright posture.  It is awesome because patients can use it easily at home.  It feels good and 10 minutes a day has great benefits. My patients, young and old love The Beam!"

 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Dr. Amber Gardiner, D.C., B.Sc., Canada

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Meet The Beam: Release, Strengthen & Align, Effortlessly 

The Beam helps you loosen up your tight spots, all without any effort. The unique edges work on those knots in your back, neck, shoulders, and hips, making you feel relaxed and stronger at the same time.

Using The Beam is perfect for your posture if you’re always hunched over screens! 

It's comfy too, with EVA foam that feels just right, and you can take The Beam anywhere! Spend just 10 minutes a day and feel your muscles relax. Say hello to a healthier, more relaxed back!

The Beam Combo pack includes a Gentle & Firm Beam for customizable comfort. 

Why you are going to love your beam?

Tension Release: Experience the joy of unburdening your back from the weight of stress and tension. The Beam’s targeted design works wonders, offering a sigh of relief as it gently releases tension accumulated throughout your day.

Pain Relief: Feel the warmth of relief wash over you as The Beam works its magic, alleviating those persistent backaches and discomfort. Each moment on The Beam brings a step closer to a tension-free, liberated you.

Posture Transformation: Embrace the confidence of standing tall! With The Beam’s support, watch as your posture transforms, bidding farewell to slouching. It’s not just about how you feel physically; it’s about the empowerment of a stronger, more confident posture.

Effortless Home Relief: Enjoy the luxury of having your back relief sanctuary at home. No more rushing to therapy appointments; The Beam grants you the power to ease your back tension conveniently, right when you need it most.

Empowerment Through Independence: Experience the empowerment of taking charge of your well-being. The Beam offers solace and comfort on your terms, instilling a sense of control and independence in managing your discomfort without the hassle of therapy visits.

With The Beam, you’re not just investing in relief; you’re embracing freedom, independence, and the joy of a pain-free, tension-free lifestyle on your terms, all from the comfort of your home.

Imagine This...

Meet Lily, a working mom managing home and office duties, always stressed and grappling with back pain from her busy routine.

Desperate for relief, Lily yearned for a break from the constant discomfort.

Then, she found the Beam. Using it eased the strain in her back, offering a brief escape from the daily chaos. The Beam helped her relax and made her days feel a bit lighter amidst the hustle.

Specifications: Dimensions: 39 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches, Weight - 1 pound

Package Inclusion:1 Gentle or 1 Firm Foam Beam, 1 instruction sheet

Guarantee: 30 days or money back!

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