The Marilyn Denis Show Pitch Off with The Beam by Nimbleback

The Marilyn Denis Show Pitch Off with The Beam by Nimbleback

On November 14th, tune into The Marilyn Denis Show to watch Co-Founder Becky Goulet Pitch The Beam by Nimbleback.

As you may know, The Beam is a simple but effective tool that can help you release, relax, and restore your back, neck and shoulders with just 10 minutes a day in the comfort of your own home.

Becky had the most incredible experience filming the Mompreneur Pitch Segment on The Marilyn Denis Show on Friday October 27th. It was her first experience being filmed for a TV show.  It was both thrilling and terrifying!  

Becky has always been a confident public speaker but this was on another level.  The stage fright she felt was like nothing she had ever experienced.  She honestly thought she was going to pass out.  Becky is VERY happy to report that somehow she pushed through and was able to deliver her pitch perfectly.  Nimbleback is so proud of the segment and we can’t wait to see it on November 14th along with the rest of Canada!  

Tune in to hear what the judges thought of our product and also to check out 2 other incredible mompreneurs.  

The Beam by Nimbleback



During the Pitch, the benefits of using The Beam will be highlighted while Massage Therapist, Fiona Thomson will be demonstrating a few of the simple stretches that come with The Beam.

We thank you for your support and we hope The Beam by Nimbleback can help Canadians Release, Relax and Restore. 

Visit  Nimbleback to more about The Beam by Nimbleback. 

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