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Love The Beam!

I was introduced to The Beam at TSC and it’s been an easy and fun tool to implement and introduce to friends and family while relaxing at the cottage.  Rosalie Brown, Fitness Instructor & TSC Host

A Great Product! 

We love this product! I've been dealing with recurring back spasms for a few years and always searching for something to help when the back spasms flare. We recently ordered two of the Beams, the Firm for my husband and the Gentle for myself. We are both very impressed with how they help to loosen tight muscles and ultimately help with pain. It's amazing how many different stretches the Beam can be used for and there is also a variety of videos that are very helpful. The Beam is really a great product for a reasonable price and is easy enough for anyone of any age to use. The Nimbleback company is very helpful with answering any questions you have and has outstanding customer service. TSC Customer

Such a Release!

Two weeks ago my lower back was totally out. I laid on the Beam twice, each time for 10 min. and everything felt aligned. Such a release and big savings from going to a Chiropractor!!!  Carolyn M

Massage Therapist Recommended

"As a massage therapist I see a lot of people with back and neck tension and it often stems from their posture at a desk and computer. The Beam helps me work smarter. We have The Beam in every massage room and use it during the treatment. The relaxed, resting position of The Beam softens the tension in the chest, neck, and shoulders so that my treatment of massage therapy creates greater results!  Our clients like the open, relaxed posture they can maintain at home.  

 The Beam is for Massage Therapists too!  Since resting on it during my breaks I have noticed fewer headaches and less fatigue overall. I even have my 11-year-old daughter using it, because as a swimmer she has tight shoulders and lats! The Beam really works and I love it at the clinic, at home and when I travel!" Pam Kats | Mom | RMT | Owner at South West Massage And Wellness Centre

Featured in Lumino Health’s Back Pain Prevention Guide 

Check out the YouTube Videos! 

To get the full benefit of this product, I strongly recommend checking out the Beam Yoga workout on YouTube. It is an excellent workout moving at a gentle pace. TSC Customer

An Amazing Tool!

I recently had knee surgery, which required me to refrain from regular exercise for several weeks. During that time, The Beam was an amazing tool for helping me strengthen my back and shoulders, maintain mobility in my upper body, and release tension in my back after being seated for extended periods of time. I continue to use The Beam today as a part of my daily mobility and stretching routine! Chris J

Must Try!

Love the support and stretch and relief it gives my spine.  Ken VanSickle

Helping my Massage Career

As a Massage Therapist, I struggle with soreness in my upper shoulders and arms. I use The Beam to stretch this area out so that I can make my career last longer.  Sandra G

Relaxation Response

I have chronic, long-standing RA and regularly stretch and do fascia workouts to relieve pain and stiffness and enhance wellbeing. I use the beam at the beginning and ending of my workout for my deep breathing, which is crucial to bodywork. Lying on the beam opens up all the energy centres and permits the lungs and belly to expand optimally for a great relaxation response!  Ann C

Love my Beam!

I purchased The Beam a few months ago, so glad I did. I look forward to using it everyday. My shoulders click back in place, my lower back feels much better. I look forward to meditation while Relaxing on the Beam. I absolutely love The Beam :- )  Mel B

The Beam is Magic!

What an AMAZING product!!!! After having a pinch in my shoulder for months with no improvement, directly after starting using The Beam, it immediately started to improve drastically. It is still there, but far less than it has been for the past months and I know it will be gone in a couple of weeks or so. Also, I have mentioned to you about my lower back. This especially was a problem after shopping, the stop-and-go and standing still looking through racks, really killed my lower back, especially when I had to bent it after a day of shopping, I had to do my best not to throw it out. However, we went shopping Saturday after having used The Beam for less than a week, and I had no problems with my lower back whatsoever!! The Beam is truly magic!! THANK YOU!!"  Sander Koot

Physiotherapist Recommended

I am a physiotherapist in a private clinic and have been using The Beam with many of my motor vehicle accident and post-concussion patients for postural retraining types of exercises. We have found it is a comfortable option when a full foam roller is too much. Kristen Hunter MScPT, BKin 

Great during the pandemic! 

With not having a proper desk set up for working from home, I have found that my Beam has been a lifesaver. Sitting at the desk all day, without the usual walking to meetings and impromptu chats leaves me exhausted and stiff. The Beam has helped at the end of the day to stretch my back out. Great piece of equipment for back health.  Linda L


I bought the firm beam. I use it daily. I lie on it for a few minutes and then do some of the moves that are suggested. A couple of days a week I do the 30 min yoga program that is on youtube - used in conjunction with the beam. The beam is very good for rounded shoulder or middle and lower back discomfort.  TSC Customer

Simple & Effective

As a mom of two young children, my lower and upper back was in desperate need of relief. I look forward to lying on the beam before bed and in the mornings - 5 minutes really makes a world of difference. My husband has been known to fall asleep on the beam. It truly opens up your back to relieve tension and stress. Simple yet effective product that takes up virtually no space in your house. Highly recommend!  Amanda

Use at the end of the day! 

I love taking me time at the end of day day by laying on my beam. My shoulders sink around the the beam and I can feel the tension I've been holding all day leave me. Thanks for the great product!  Michelle O

The Beam is Effortless

"As a dental hygienist who has been practising for over 16 years, I have come to accept that having a bad back was "part of the job". Well not anymore! Since I started using The Beam, I've noticed a significant difference in how I feel throughout the day! Using it daily for 5-10 minutes allows me to feel stretched and relaxed.The best part of The Beam is that it can be used anywhere, anytime and the exercises they provide are easy, yet very effective. I would recommend The Beam for my fellow dental professionals because we can all benefit from backs that do not ache during the day. You owe it to yourself to take care of your back and this product makes is effortless.  Cathy Delios | RDH

Great Product

I followed a workout on YouTube for this product. It gave me good release for my upper back, shoulders and hips. Wonderful addition to my home gym.  TSC Customer

Use in Chair

I like to put my Beam at the back of my chair. It keeps my posture straight which reduces strain on my shoulders and keeps my hips straight. The Beam has worked wonders for me. I'm so grateful for this product. Brandi Gonsalves

When I feel tight, I break now break the beam out! 

As a busy mom and fitness trainer, I often neglect to stretch and get the regular massage treatments my body requires. When I start to feel tight, I now break out The Beam and allow my body to gently ease into the floor and release unwanted tension. It has been a great tool and I highly recommend it to others who are in need of an at home treatment.  Veronica V

Pain Reliever 

I purchased this duo over a year ago and have to say it has never let me down. My lower back at times is so bad I can barely walk. Stretching with these(I purchased the firm) has helped me a lot. I followed the little guide that came with it and all I can say is - try it. If it works to save pain for you the way it has for me, you will not be sorry. I suffer from some disc degeneration and sciatica pain.   TSC Customer

Use The Beam Daily

After suffering injuries from two motor vehicle accidents, I’ve dealt with back and neck tension for most of my adult life. Being active in Yoga and Pilates and regular treatments from various practitioners has helped manage the tension. I began using the beam in June 2015 and it’s made a dramatic impact in my everyday life and compliments my treatments as an added bonus. I use the beam daily. I find the mornings the most valuable after being static for several hours. As a bonus you can take the beam anywhere you go, it fits great in a carry-on!"  Devon McLaughlin


The Beam is an excellent stress relief. There is a learning curve.....don't be disappointed if you don't get instant relief. I worked my way up to increase time on the beam using recommended exercises. Got rid of 'axe' between shoulder blades that I have had for over 10 years!!!!!!!! Most relief i previously had for that was a few hours relief after chiropractor. If I could pull off a cartwheel I would I am that delighted! Thank you for such a wonderful product!!!  TSC Customer

Mind Blown!

Going from a career which involved sitting at a desk and analysing data for 10 years to sitting around breastfeeding a newborn around the clock, my neck/shoulders and back basically gave up. I had constant tension that a massage would fix for a week or two, and Chiro would only help for a week tops. I purchased the beam with high hopes that it would relieve the tension in my shoulders and neck – two words – MIND BLOWN. Laying on the beam at night for ten minutes has allowed me to let go of my tension. I would not hesitate to recommend the beam to any office professional, and anyone experiencing neck/shoulder/back tension. The beam has single highhandedly saved me hundreds of dollars in massage and chiro." Kirsten Hook Cyber Security Engineer & Mom

Chiropractor Recommended

I have been a Doctor of Chiropractic for 26 years and think The Beam™ is one of the most ingenious back supports I have seen to date. It is affordable, portable and easy to use. I recommend it to help with neck problems, upper back discomfort, and postural problems. Our society has become sedentary and the forward posture most kids and adults spend the majority of their day in causes upper back and neck strain. The Beam™ gently helps pull everything back to an upright posture. It is awesome because patients can use it easily at home. It feels good and 10 minutes a day has great benefits. My patients, young and old love The Beam!” Dr. Amber Gardiner, D.C., B.Sc. | Gardiner Family Chiropractic Centre  

Exceptional Product! 

We have been using The Beam since 2015. And, unlike other products, it has never been stored/tucked away! The beam has been an incredible addition to help ease our back, neck and shoulder pain/tightness. We have found it so easy to integrate into our daily activities. We lay on it while watching tv, use it during Pilates, and use it while sitting and working. . .the list goes on! Having something that provides relief and at the same time is so convenient and multifunctional makes using it easy. It also holds up exceptionally well. Even with 2 people using it almost daily, we have had the same beam for 6 years. It still functions and feels the same as it did the first day we got it. I highly recommend this product!  Erin & Joel Blain

Use over Christmas! 

Over the Christmas rush I didn’t take the time to use my Beam. But then I saw you on TSC again in January and it reminded me to pull it out! And ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Nice stretches! Plus, as I was using it on the living room floor, my pup joined in by lying beside me. Awwwwwww! Thank you!  Caroline L

Helped our backs!
My husband has a labour job and I have a desk job and we both have been using this product and it definitely has helped our back issues.   KP