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The 10 Best Canadian Health and Fitness Products on the Market RN

We love supporting local — especially when it comes to proudly Canadian health and fitness gear that truly works. With this list of canuck brands and made-in-Canada merchandise (all tested by certified fitness expert Amanda Vogel), you'll reach your health goals faster and easier. And don’t miss her pro tips for getting the most out of each item!

1. The Beam by Nimbleback

Developed by two Canadian besties, The Beam is a bendable, lightweight self-care tool made from foam and rubber. Its purpose is to help alleviate back pain, release muscle tension and encourage good postural alignment. Use The Beam multiple ways: lying down, sitting in a chair, standing against a wall or for basic yoga stretching.

Pro tip: Relieve back tension by lying on The Beam, placing it vertically along your spine, or flip it horizontally and put it under your butt for an effective hip opener. (Try these other natural home remedies for back pain.)


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Local entrepreneur in the spotlight
Becky Goulet to appear on ‘Marilyn Denis Show’ Nov. 14

by Luke Edwards  Grimsby Lincoln News

The Beam | Co Founder Becky Goulet with Marilyn Denis from the Marilyn Denis Show

Grimsby's Becky Goulet (left) will be appearing on the Nov. 14 airing of the Marilyn Denis Show, where she'll be promoting a device she and longtime friend Christa Geddes created that aims to reduce tension in the back and shoulders. In the photo is Goulet on the set of the show, alongside host Marilyn Denis and Goulet's friend, Fiona Thomson. - Submitted Photo

GRIMSBY — Local company Nimbleback is getting “beamed” into the limelight.

On Nov. 14, Grimsby’s Becky Goulet, co-owner of a company that produces back and shoulder pain-relieving device The Beam, will be appearing on the Marilyn Denis Show as part of a segment called Mompreneur. Goulet and her product will be going up against two other “mompreneurs” and receiving feedback from a panel of judges while also competing for a $500 Staples gift card.

The segment was filmed Oct. 27 and while Goulet said she was terrified leading up to her appearance, once she was on stage that fear melted away.

“I felt good once they started asking the questions,” she said. “You have to deliver a lot of information in a short period of time.”

Up against a woman who makes her own soaps and another who makes purses, Goulet said she had quite the unique product, which helped her stand out but also presented challenges.

She and longtime friend Christa Geddes created The Beam as a way to address chronic back pain they both suffered from as a result of separate car crashes. Utilizing ideas from yoga, the product helps open up the chest and releases muscle tension in the back and shoulders. Goulet said it can also help with posture by releasing tension caused by slouching, texting and other daily habits. It comes in firm and gentle densities and can be used on the floor, against a wall or in a chair.

“Every great product comes from a need,” Goulet said.

She’s sworn to secrecy over the results of the segment, but no matter the outcome she said the exposure and the chance to talk to three experts — interior decorator and designer Debbie Travis, tech expert Amber MacArthur, and financial expert Kelley Keehn — was great. And the exposure will help as well.

Goulet said the entire experience was amazing, and added Denis seems like a genuinely nice person.

The co-owners are hoping to get onto the Shopping Channel in 2018, and Goulet said the experience on the Marilyn Denis Show has helped her get comfortable in front of the camera. Geddes now lives in Alberta, which means Goulet will have to do most of the publicity work in Toronto.

Unfortunately, Goulet is working to get her Realtor’s licence and has an exam on Nov. 14 when it airs on CTV at 10 a.m. She’s planning to record it, though, and host a viewing party with family and close friends later that day.

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For Relief of Back Tension: The Beam by Amanda Vogel

Fitness test drive | The Beam


Feelin’ The Love: Thankfully, I don’t deal with back tension, but I do notice my back tenses up almost on cue from writing all day,Instagamming on my phone, high-impact exercise and, especially, cramped airline travel. When I arrived home from a recent trip to Palm Springs, I was stoked at how quickly The Beam helped me melt away muscle tightness.

Although The Beam is complementary to a foam roller, it’s different in that you’re supposed to just lie down, or sit with it, and let The Beam do its thing. It’s designed to make you more aware of your posture.

There’s a trick to getting it right, though, and that’s to align your spine vertically along the foam part but keep your tailbone/butt on the floor. From there, you can bend your legs or extend them out flat.

For tight hips, there’s also the option to flip The Beam around horizontally and lie on it that way.

The Beam comes with recommended exercises for back tension like stretching your arms overhead to limber up shoulders and upper back. Or lifting your hips off the floor into a bridge for strength and stability in the lower body. (Check The Beam website for how-to videos.)

I’ve tried all the positions, but I keep going back to resting on it vertically (called “The Back Booster”). This one opens up my chest muscles and extends my thoracic spine, which does wonders for being able to breathe more deeply compared to just lying there without The Beam. That, alone, improves my relaxation!

I usually chill on The Beam for about 10 minutes at a time. Immediately afterward, my back feels as if I’ve just had an invigorating massage or come out of a deep, back-opening yoga stretch. This has quickly become part of my wellness routine.

(Amanda Vogel was paid to do a review of The Beam but the thoughts and comments made in this article are her own)

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The Beam - a new backcare product on the market. by Mia Jerritt

Healthy back program | The Beam

A few weeks ago I was introduced to a product called The Beam while in Toronto for a conference.  The Beam is definitely an intriguing product.  I was interested in playing with this product because, like The Healthy Back Program, you can use it at home.

This product was designed to help people build strength and stability in their back as well as release muscle tension.  We all know sitting leads to back pain. The Beam encourages users to get off the couch and actively prevent back pain and injury.  Stretching and strengthening with The Beam at home for ten minutes a day will help the user create better posture, a stronger core and experience less tension.  The product is simple and easy to use and comes with 4 easy to follow exercises.  In addition to the exercises provided, I am already coming up with more ways to use The Beam. In the near future I will be posting videos on ways that you can incorporate The Beam into your program.  If you would like to purchase a Beam, visit  Upon checkout choose "Healthy Back Program" so that the company knows I referred you.  Until next time - remember to stay active and take care of your back.  


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June 9, 2016

By: Heather Lielmanis

I spoke recently with Christa Geddes and Rebecca Goulet from Nimbleback. At Fitneff, we are always delighted to hear about others who are working hard to keep people healthy, and Nimbleback is no exception. The founders of Nimbleback developed an innovative product called The Beam™, which was created based on the idea that the better your back is aligned, the better you'll feel all day.   

The Beam™ is a simple and sturdy tool that helps to keep your back in alignment when doing simple stretching.  The Beam™ can be used on the floor, in a chair, on a bed or against a wall.  

I asked Christa and Rebecca about using The Beam™ to offset the negative effects of sitting for long periods of time. They agree that it is important to take frequent breaks throughout the day. The co-founders of Nimbleback and The Beam recommend these 5 simple stretches to help ease back tension and minimize stress.

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Beam away back tension
Grimsby natives develop easy-to-use product

Grimsby Lincoln News

By Amanda Moore

GRIMSBY — Two lifelong friends who share a common ailment — back pain — have developed a simple solution to their problems.

Christa Geddes and Becky Goulet met on the first day of kindergarten at St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School and have been friends ever since. Unfortunately, they share more than years of friendship. Both women suffer from back tension caused by vehicle accidents — Geddes from an accident caused by a drunk driver 16 years ago and Goulet from being rear-ended several times.

Both women turned to yoga as well as many visits with chiropractors and massage therapists. Inspired by yoga, the two long-time friends have developed a new product which they hope will bring relief to the many sufferers of back problems.

The Beam — available in original and gentle — is a long, rectangular foam block that helps reduce tension, therefore relieving pain.

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