For Massage Therapists

 The Beam by Nimbleback Inc | Massage therapy

"As a massage therapist I see a lot of people with back and neck tension and it often stems from their posture at a desk and computer.  The Beam helps me work smarter!  We have The Beam in every massage room and use it during the treatment.  The relaxed, resting position of The Beam softens the tension in the chest, neck and shoulders so that my treatment of massage therapy creates greater results!  Our clients like the open, relaxed posture they can maintain at home.  

The Beam is for  Massage Therapists too!  Since resting on it during my breaks I have noticed fewer headaches and less fatigue overall.  I even have my 11 year old daughter using it, because as a swimmer she has tight shoulders and lats! The Beam really works and I love it at the clinic, at home and when I travel!"

Pam Kats, Mom, RMT and Owner at South West Massage And Wellness Centre