Wellness Account at Work? Use it or lose it.

As we end 2018, many of us are trying to use up our work benefits before they refresh.  I was reminded of this today when I called my favourite massage studio to book a deep tissue massage.

I am one of the 80% of Canadian's who experience back tension.    Managing the tension through massage, chiropractic and physiotherapy has been a huge part of my relief.

Stretching and strengthing my core has been my go-to for at home self-care for my back tension. Most health care providers have you leaving with exercises to do at home in between visits or many have probably recommended that you use a foam roller.   

Do you have a WellnessAccount?  

Use it to get a self-care tool before the end of this year.  You will thank yourself on that cold January night.     

Most companies are offering this benefit, basically reimbursing employees for a wellness tool that will help them live a healthier life all year round. 

Release, relax and restore during the holidays!   








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