The Story of The Beam

The Story of The Beam

2 Canadian women had a dream… to live life without back pain. 

After years of experiencing the unpleasantness of back tension, Becky and Christa  found an at-home solution to back, neck and shoulder tension. 

They founded Nimbleback Inc. and created The Beam, a yoga-style tool designed to release, relax and restore the core. 



Becky and Christa have been suffering from back pain since their early 20’s. For years they tried different tools, but it wasn’t until they discovered stretching with a piece of foam that supported their spine during a yoga class that they truly found relief. 



About Nimbleback Inc. and The Beam

The Beam is a long rectangular yoga style tool that users place along their spine while they do stretching and breathing techniques in order to release back neck and shoulder tension. The Beam is Chiropractor, Massage Therapist & Physiotherapists recommended and comes with an easy to follow instruction sheet, free online videos, 30-minute yoga class + 10-minute meditation. 

Our goal is to help you release, relax and restore your back, neck & shoulders with simple stretching and your breath.

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