Weary travelers – get ready to release, relax and restore your core!
GRIMSBY, ONTARIO – January 26, 2018 – Nimbleback Inc., the makers of The Beam™, are pleased to announce their participation in ‘the largest travel trade show in North America’ - the New York Times Travel Show opening on January 26, 2018 and running until January 28, 2018.
Each day, people worldwide experience tension in their backs while traveling. Each day, someone will ‘pop a pill’, do yoga or get a massage to release their back, neck and shoulder tension.  With The Beam by Nimbleback Inc., travelers have a do it yourself option to help them relax while on vacation.
Pills are often a short-term solution that don’t necessarily relieve muscle tension but rather mask the problem, while yoga classes and massage therapy are wonderful options but can be expensive and time consuming. In just 10 minutes a day, users will be able to release tension on their own through breathing exercises and simple yoga stretching using The Beam.
The Beam by Nimbleback Inc. is a simple self-care tool that travelers can bring anywhere and use anytime. The Beam fits neatly into a suitcase and comes with an easy to follow instruction sheet, making back care affordable and accessible for all skill levels.
The Beam is the perfect solution for travelers who are trying to relax after hours of travel, or who simply wish to release and relax their backs in their downtime while on vacation,” says Nimbleback Inc.’s President/Co-Founder, Becky Goulet.It’s also a convenient tool for anyone who has ever had to recover from a poor sleep from a bad bed.
To learn more about The Beam, watch a 60 second clip from the number 1 Canadian Talk Show, The Marilyn Denis Show.  

The Travel Show is the largest and longest-running trade and consumer travel show in North America, featuring the Travel Industry Conference, Consumer Seminars, and an interactive Exhibition including more than 500 exhibitors representing travel to all seven continents, positioned within 16 pavilions (including Adventure, Africa, Asia, Australia/South Pacific, Canada, Caribbean, Cruise, Europe, Family, Latin America, Mexico, River Cruise, Travel Products, U.S and Wellness Pavilions). In addition to discounts and special offers, the show provides educational seminars and live entertainment for families, individuals, couples and seniors. 
The Beam by Nimbleback Inc. may be found at the Fitter International Booth, 1061.   Fitter International has been commissioned by the organizers to run an Interactive Zone for kids, tweens, teens and fun-loving adults who want to move and learn at the travel show.  With over 30,000 people attending, this is sure to create quite a buzz.

About Nimbleback Inc. and The Beam™
The Beam™ is a simple self-care tool used for back exercise which may result in benefits when used with proper yoga stretching and breathing exercises. The Beam is based on yoga stretching theory and uses the breath to focus on releasing tension. Nimbleback Inc. provides an easy to follow instruction sheet to guide simple stretching. Users can use The Beam on the floor, chair or against a wall.  The exercises encourage users to breathe new life into their backs and release, relax and restore their cores.  Users can subscribe to our YouTube Channel, to receive notifications when new exercises are added. To learn more about The Beam, visit us at www.nimbleback.  
Christa Geddes
Co-Founder & Chief Relationship Officer

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