Tips that will lead to a Nimbleback after a slip and fall

Tips that will lead to a Nimbleback after a slip and fall

Snow and ice are in most Canadian cities during the winter months.  With this, comes slip and falls on ice which result in painful injuries to the back. 

January has been particularly bad in Western Canada and I recently experienced a slip and fall on a patch of black ice during my winter mountain walk in Banff National Park. Thankfully, I have good balance and was able to catch my fall.   The slip jolted my body and I definitely felt mis-aligned after but falling would have been much worse.  I have experienced many slip and falls in my past but the self work I have done on my balance prevented me from falling this time. 

If you experience a slip and fall on ice this winter, here are some tips to help you heal:

  1. A visit to the chiropractor, massage therapist or physiotherapist can help you get back on track.  
  2. It’s important to include self care as part of your healing. Your health and wellness treatment providers will likely recommend stretching and strengthening exercises.  Being compliant to their recommended exercises will help you recover from your injury as well as prevent future falls. 
  3. The Beam by Nimbleback allows for easy exercises that will help you relax and release muscle tension while improving balance. The Back Booster is the most popular exercise. Your mental balance can also be off when you are going through a painful time, try to take a breath and relax for awhile.   Meditating for 5-10 minutes with a body scan on The Beam is an excellent way to start or end the day. Body scans help expand body awareness, release tension and quiet the mind.     Scan the body and breathe into any tight spots, this is a very effective form of mediation.  

Try The Beam by Nimbleback, you will be able to release, relax and restore your core to avoid that next fall.  Visit Nimbleback to relax on The Beam this winter. 


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