Simple Stretching with The Beam by Nimbleback

by Christa Geddes

Try The Beam by Nimbleback If you have ever felt the unpleasantness of tension in your back, neck and shoulders.


"I've never had an at home product that works this well and makes me feel so great, and with minimal effort!!!" Sarah Kramer

The Beam by Nimbleback comes with 4 simple stretching exercises.   All you need is The Beam and your breath. 

Yoga inspired stretching and deep breathing will help you release muscle tension. Use this tool for 10 minutes a day to help relax and loosen tight muscles.



Getting on and off of The Beam

  1. Sit down on a mat. Line The Beam (logo side up) down the centre of your back leaving a fist width from your tailbone.

  2. Bend your knees and while holding The Beam, slowly lie back onto the mat. Alternatively, lay The BeamTM down behind you on the mat. Slowly lie back centering The Beam with your spine. Leave a fist width from your tailbone.

  3. To get off, raise one arm up and roll over to your side. Curl up into the fetal position or go into child’s pose for a few breaths before rising up. Take your time as you might be light headed.

Once you are lying on The Beam you have different options for your arms:

• Palms facing up or down
• Hands on your ribs or stomach
• Extend arms straight out to form a cross
• Extend arms and bend your elbows

Relax on The Beam while using your breathing to release tension in your back.



  1. Palms facing up or down. Legs can be straight or bent

  2. Begin with your hands on your ribs or stomach

  3. Try extending arms straight out to form

    a cross or bend your elbows (see image)

  4. Relax on The BeamTM while using your

    breathing to help release tension in your back.

  5. Breathe deeply in and out for 5 minutes

The 3 other exercises that come with The Beam are called The Shoulder Shaper, The Beam Bridge and The Lower Back Lounger.  


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