Stretch & Relax with Self-Massage

Stretch & Relax with Self-Massage

What is the Number One Thing your Massage Therapist tells you to do in between Massages? 

Stretch & Try to Relax

Meet Fiona Thomson, a Registered Massage Therapist and a valuable member of
The Beam Team.  

We asked Fiona:

What causes neck and back tension?

There's no specific cause. Tension can be from posture and lack of stretching.

 What everyday lifestyle habits trigger neck tension?  

looking at a computer 


It really depends on the person and their lifestyle due to work or school. Carrying a heavy purse or back pack will cause neck tension. Sleeping incorrectly will cause neck tension.  People with long hair, woman who breastfeed, people who do Zumba, play video games, or use a cell phone.  The list is endless because everyone is different. Not everyone has the same injury or lifestyle.

Is “text neck” a real thing?   

Yes. The forward head poke to a computer screen or looking down on the phone screen will cause text neck.  Signs are tight shoulders and lower back.

Why does a tool like “The Beam” help to release neck and back tension?  

The beam helps to properly align the spine to place it in its natural alignment.  The Beam helps bring the shoulders back and helps to open up the chest.  So no more rounded shoulders and forward head poke.



If you have ever felt the unpleasantness of tension, you should try The Beam by Nimbleback.  Benefits can be experienced in just 10 minutes.

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