Life is Brighter Under the Sun!

Life is Brighter Under the Sun!

There is nothing better than the sun shining- it makes you feel happy and healthy.   The tension just seems to melt away, this is the best thing about summer days.

When I look back on my most relaxing days, the beach wins.  Times that wear me down include working too much and not taking time for myself to restore.

Wellness routines are becoming a part of everyone's life and we all need them.  

We are happy to announce our partnership with Sun Life.   Sun Life is a leader in the insurance industry and is helping Canadian's live healthier lives.   Many of you may have Sun Life through your benefits and we were thrilled when they contacted us about The Beam by Nimbleback.  It was a very exciting day when we met with them in Toronto and demonstrated how easy it is to use The Beam. 

Sun Life

Sun Life's digital health community is a platform that all Canadian's can join for FREE to get great discounts on all things health & wellness.   You will find The Beam by Nimbleback in the Fitness & Lifestyle section. 

Sign up here and start saving with Sun Life! 

The Beam is a foam beam that supports your spine with simple stretching.    Using your breathe, you will be able to release tension in your back, neck & shoulders in just 10 minutes a day.  Relax your mind & body with The Beam and the 4 easy Nimbleback exercises.   



Christa & Becky

"The Beam Team"

Nimbleback Inc

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