A Simple Solution to Help you Relax your Back

If you are tired of feeling the unpleasantness of tension, you should try The Beam by Nimbleback 

The Beam helps release tension in your back, neck and shoulders when combined with gentle stretching and your breath.  Benefits can be experienced in just 10 minutes.  

Looks easy right? 

Meet Christa, Co-Founder of #thebeam after years of back, neck and shoulder tension from a car accident, desk work and travel. Christa turned to Yoga for Backs stretching with a black rubber strap and the regular use of a foam roller which significantly decreased her tension.  In addition, this relaxed her mind & body.  By combining the concept of yoga, a rubber strap and a foam roller. The Beam and accompanying exercises were created and we called our company Nimbleback.

  yoga bridge pose

The Back Booster with The Beam is the most popular Nimbleback exercise 

How does it work?    

  1. Palms facing up or down. Legs can be straight or bent

  2. Begin with your hands on your ribs or stomach

  3. Try extending arms straight out to form a cross or bend your elbows 

  4. Relax on The BeamTM while using your breathing to help release tension in your back.

  5. Breathe deeply in and out for 5 minutes

You can use The Beam on the floor and against the wall 

Meet Becky, Co-founder of #thebeam. Being rear-ended 3 times and working long hours at a desk resulted in Becky experiencing poor alignment and muscle tension. When Christa mentioned the idea of making a product that could help people at home whenever they needed, Becky knew she had to jump on board. Nimbleback Inc. hopes to give everyone a tool that when used with deep breathing, not only relieves tension but helps you relax. Being reliant on others for relief was Becky’s biggest frustration but now with The Beam, Becky and others can find relief at home or on the go!

"Do your back a favour, order your beam today." Devon McLauchlan

"After two motor vehicle accidents, I’ve dealt with back and neck tension for most of my adult life.  Being active in Yoga and Pilates and regular treatments from various practitioners has helped manage the tension.  I began using the beam in June 2015 and it’s made a dramatic impact in my everyday life and compliments my treatments as an added bonus.  I use the beam daily, I find the mornings the most valuable after being static for several hours. 

As a bonus you can take the beam anywhere you go, it fits great in a carryon!

I’m so proud of Becky and Christa for putting so much work into helping others every day.  


We hope The Beam is able to help others who have experienced the unpleasant feeling of back, neck and shoulder tension.  

Release & Relax today with The Beam


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after many years of headache pain and upper leg pain I use the beam it releases the nerve in my leg and helps the sciatica nerve love it

T Jennings

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