Avoid Back Tension and Start Self-Care with Simple Steps

We all know that stress can lead to a busy mind and a sore body.   Start 2019 off right and take care of yourself. 

Most of my self-care rituals are aimed to help my back pain which started the day I was hit by a drunk driver.  That same year I started working in a cubicle on a computer. I couldn't believe how tense my back became after sitting for long hours.  It was so distracting and I couldn’t focus which was unproductive. 

I didn't realize at the time that this tension would be with me for the rest of my life.   I had to do something to manage this because I wasn't going to be popping pills every day.  This was my journey to Nimbleback.

Learning how to manage my stress and pain in my 20’s has made me a happier and healthier person, that was 18 years ago.  At the time, many people thought I was wasting my money on self-care but I knew it was needed, so the cost did not matter to me. 

Here are a few tips for the 80% of Canadian’s that suffer from back tension throughout their day.

  1. Go see a Chiropractor or Physiotherapist
  2. Try Acupuncture
  3. Go for a deep tissue massage or a relaxation massage  
  4. Start stretching or try Yoga
  5. Just breathe or try Meditation 

If you have work benefits, your company may reimburse you for these services.  

Try this side stretch to start your self-care.  It's easy and feels great! 

Tip:  Remember to Breathe! 

Stretching Side Stretch The BEam Yoga Nimbleback
How to do a side stretch: Lean forward slightly to keep from "hunching" your back and shoulders.  Keep your hips, shoulders, and ears in a straight up-and-down line. Raise your right arm overhead and bend your upper body to the left in a reaching motion. Keep your upper body facing straight ahead- don't twist it to the side while you bend.

When you stretch, make sure you breathe into your tense area's to help you release the tension.

Leave us a comment about what you do to avoid tension in your back throughout your day.   

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