Relax your back this Christmas with Nimble back

Relax your back this Christmas with Nimble back

Like most of us, Christmas is a time to relax with family and friends.  It’s filled with parties, laughter and some outdoor fun.   It’s also filled with back pain from holiday shopping stress, endless cocktail parties and travel to the in laws.

How are you going to rejuvenate this holiday season?    

Will it be on your new tablet or will you find a way to get away from technology and take a breather when you are not celebrating with friends and family.   Our lifestyle has become so sedentary that it is likely electronics will be under the tree this year, why not add some wellness to the mix to add balance to the new year with The Beam.

3 simple things Nimbleback can do for you if you have 10 minutes:

Release-  Let go of the muscle tension in your back, neck and shoulders.  Going for a massage will help but if you can't make it to the spa, self care will do you wonders.     The Back Booster with The Beam is an easy exercise to start with, it allows gravity to do all of the work while opening up your chest.  Doing this daily will have a great effect on how you feel everyday.

Relax- Try simple deep belly breathing.  This can be done while doing The Back Booster.  Put on your favorite mindful meditation to scan the body to relax any tight muscles from a hectic year of technology.   Relax For A While offers some wonderful guided meditations. 

Restore-  By combining relaxing and releasing, you will restore your core and feel balance in both your mind and body.  Then you will feel better and be ready for that next  party or the ski trip you have been waiting for all year.  

Don’t forget to catch up on your sleep too!  To start the new year off relaxed, The Beam by Nimbleback is a great choice to get you and your best friend with back pain feeling good for 2017.  Release, Relax and Restore with this holiday season! 

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I have used the beam for my sinatica nerve in my hip and left leg it really helps I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Terri Jennings

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