The Beam takes a vacation

I am currently in Florida on vacation with my family.  Sleeping on a horrible mattress for the past week and a half inspired this blog post.

Like myself, many back pain sufferers fear what impact travelling will have on their back. Sitting on a plane scrunched up for hours can cause your back to cease up.  Rental cars, buses, different beds, carrying luggage etc. all add strain and tension in the back.  

After a quick search online I found a site that offers 7 great tips for travellers who suffer from back pain. And of course I added some of my own thoughts.  These tips were taken from website in case you want to check it out.  

  1. Pack light
    This is tough for me.  I always want to cram in one more pair of shoes! But packing light means less to lug around.  You don’t want to hurt your back before you have even left the house!
  2. Lift luggage in stages  
    Think about how you are lifting your bags.  Always bend your knees. When flying, try lifting your bag first to a seat before then lifting it up into the overhead bin.  
  3. Bring your own back support
    This is where The Beam can come in handy.  Try folding the Beam in half and placing it down your back or use it for lumbar support.  You can also put it behind your neck and slowly rotate your head side to side to relieve tension
  4. Check your posture
    Periodically check how you are sitting. Is your head centered on your body so that the weight is evenly distributed? If you are driving, take time to adjust the seat properly to ensure you are comfortable.
  5. Move around
    We have talked about this one!  Every 20-30 minutes get up and stretch and get your circulation going.
  6. Stretch your legs and hips
    Tight legs and hips put strain and pressure on your lower back.
  7. Bring hot and cold pads

I want to add 2 more points.  

  1. Drink lots of water!  Dehydration is terrible for your back.   
  2. Is important to continue your stretching routine while on vacation.  If you use The Beam make sure to pack it.  It is light and fits easily in your luggage.  I like to bend mine around the inside edge of my bag.  If my back feels like it is going to go out, I lay on the Beam for 10 minutes to self adjust.  I can’t bring my chiropractor on vacation but I can bring The Beam
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