Ergonomics - Function over Fashion

Ergonomics - Function over Fashion

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Trust me when I say I have lived my life as a fashion versus function type of person. Since suffering from back pain I now know the importance of making sure I am comfortable.  Today I want to share a photo of my new office chair! This chair inspired todays post. Since getting the chair, my body is so much happier! And I am happy to say I found a chair that not only feels great but looks good too.  

Now, there is a lot more involved in setting up your workstation than just chairs. After all, an improper set up could lead to an back injury or carpal tunnel syndrome.  

Not only does your chair need to be comfortable, but the height and arm rests should adjust.  Arrange your files, papers and other items so that you limit how often you need to twist and bend. Your computer screen should be less than an arms length away from you.  The article below has a lot more great tips I had not thought of. For example, use a document holder so that when you look back and forth from your screen to a document your eyes don't need to refocus as much.  

It is also important to remember to talk to your employers about your set up.  An employee suffering from head aches, back pain and carpal tunnel is not a productive employee. Companies such as will actually help you assess your workspace and will make suggestions on how to improve it.  Ask your HR department to see if they have a similar program in place. 

Also remember, even with the BEST set up... you need to take frequent breaks and stretch frequently throughout the day.

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