Technology is a pain in the neck!

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Have you heard the term text neck?  Text next is a repetitive use injury.  If you have frequent headaches, neck, shoulder or arm pain, you likely have text neck. 

I am sure you have heard "the human head weighs 10 pounds".  What you probably didn't know that as your head moves forward the weight of your head increases immensely. For example - If you angle your head by 30 degrees, it adds the equivalent of a 5 gallon water jug to your neck.  40 degrees it adds the weight of 2 car tires!!  No wonder our backs hurt after prolonged use of technology.  

It is important to remind yourself of your posture when texting. Also do simple stretching throughout the day.  Neck rotations, tilts and shoulder rolls are easy exercises you can do at your desk or while sitting on the couch.  It is also important to open up your chest and stretch your shoulders.  Try using The Beam and the Back Booster exercise with your arms raised in a goal post position.  

For more on this topic watch the ABC segment on Text Neck. 

ABC - Could your Cell Phone Give you Text Neck? 


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