Nimbleback's 6 ways to avoid back pain while Christmas shopping

Nimbleback's 6 ways to avoid back pain while Christmas shopping

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The countdown is on.  5 sleeps until Christmas!!   Have you finished your shopping?

Remember to be kind to yourself as you rush around with all of your last minute preparations.  Here are some tips to keep you feeling nimble this holiday season.

  1. Drink lots of water
    Spinal discs are composed of 80% water.  Make sure you keep them hydrated.
  2. Take breaks
    Walking for hours while carrying heavy bags can be hard on your spine.  Remember to take a few minutes to sit down and rest. Stop by the food court for a healthy snack or drink to refuel your body for more shopping.
  3. Use a cart of basket when possible
    Try not to carry heavy items under one arm and distribute the weight evenly between both arms when carry bags
  4. Leave the heels at home
    Remember to wear sensible shoes when shopping.  Leave the heels for holiday parties.
  5. Relax your lower back when standing in long lines
    Standing still in lineups can be hard on your lower back.  Remember to stand when your feet approx. a shoulder width apart then flatten your lower back and gently arch it several times to release tension.  

~ Be good to yourself this holiday season! ~

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