The Beam - Gentle version now available!

The Beam - Gentle version now available!

You asked, we listened! 

The Gentle Beam

We all know that one size does not fit all- especially when it comes to each individual and the pain that they experience.  We all have aches and pains throughout our body, but back pain can be manageable when you do one thing- STRETCH with The Beam- Your Back's Best Friend. 

With continuous feedback from our large customer base of back pain sufferers and practitioners, Nimbleback is pleased to announce The Beam Gentle.  I personally love The Beam Original as I am a fan of a serious deep tissue massage but others thought it was too hard for their liking.  The Beam Gentle is growing on me and I have been using it just before bed for a gentle release of tension to help me sleep at night - it's like heaven and helps me relax my muscles. 

A Beaming Review from Amanda of Fitness Test Drive of The Beam Original  

Whether you choose to stretch with The Beam Original or The Beam Gentle,  all skill levels will benefit when used on the floor, against a wall, on a chair, couch or bed. Build stability and strength by doing a few exercises and help improve your posture. The Beam will help you relieve tension so you can feel better all day.  

The Beam now comes in two densities. The original Beam is made from a more dense foam and the Gentle version has a softer feel.

How do you know which Beam to choose?

If you like a deep tissue massage or are athletic, the original Beam is for you. If you prefer a softer touch or have a sensitive or tender back, you should try the all new Gentle Beam. No matter which Beam you choose, 10 minutes a day will help you achieve a nimble back.

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