Affiliate program | The Beam

Why join The Beam™  Team with Nimbleback Inc.?  

Are you passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle? By joining The Beam™  Team you will be able to promote self backcare to a variety of people who would benefit from taking control of their back health in order to relieve pain, prevent injury and improve their physical activity.

Release, Relax, Restore with The Beam

Help your followers and friends achieve a nimbleback and make extra money while doing it.  

Who can be part of The Beam™  Team by Nimbleback Inc.?  

Anyone who has a passion for self care, stretching, wellness, yoga, massage, chiropractic, physiotherapy, has ever had back pain, has experienced stress or simply wants to help others have a nimbleback.  We want ambassadors with a passion for wellness and an ambition to be successful.

****At this time, only available within Canada.  

What you receive when you join The Beam™  Team by Nimbleback Inc.?

Nimbleback Inc. provides marketing material, product photos, videos, sell sheets and marketing tips on how to promote The Beam to your fans.   Nimbleback Inc. will have your back to help you promote the benefits of The Beam™ .

Email us for compensation plans.  Ask Nimbleback Inc. about our pro ambassador opportunities when you get another team member to join The Beam™  Team.  

How the program works?

  1. Purchase of a sample beam is required by the ambassador for $39.95 and in exchange Nimbleback Inc. will credit your sample beam ($39.95) after you reach your first $100 ambassador affiliate payment.  Nimbleback Inc. offers 2 densities, so purchasing the Combo pack with The Beam™  Original and Gentle for $69.99 will set you up for experiencing both densities.
  2. In becoming an ambassador, Nimbleback Inc. will require you to like and follow our social media sites 
  3. Ambassador to do  a social media post introducing The Beam™  and Nimbleback Inc. to your following.   Nimbleback Inc. will then mention you in a social media post.   
  4. Nimbleback Inc. gives you an affiliation link for your website and/or social media handle.   The link lands on product page for purchase and when purchases are made, you get notification and get a credit towards your compensation.  Once you hit $100.00, Nimbleback Inc. will send you a cheque or an electronic transfer.

What does an ambassador do?  

Promotes The Beam™  by Nimbleback Inc. through networks: friends, family, co-workers, social media, massage therapy clinics, chiropractic clinics, physiotherapy clinics, yoga studios, gyms and anyone you think would benefit from a nimbleback.  

Opportunity to be featured in a monthly blog with information on a wellness topic for which you have passion for and introducing your partnership with Nimbleback Inc.  and The Beam™  Team.    

Interested in taking The Beam™ offline?

Brochures and business cards available upon request at a cost to the ambassador. Contact Nimbleback Inc. to learn more.